Pakistan is a country which has always been against civil supremacy. People want it but it’s something which isn’t been working for Pakistan yet.

There is only one political party in Pakistan which we can say is the pioneer of civil supremacy. N-League of Nawaz Sharif has always claimed of being a party supportive of civil supremacy or democracy in country. They are claiming it now from a long time. Even their workers and voters are also very strong supporters of civil supremacy.

Today, when their leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is under the law because of his ongoing cases, almost every voter of N-League is talking about civil supremacy. Because that’s the only thing they could talk about easily.

Talking about civil supremacy, its important for the development of any country, as in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is being ruled by some specific people and some specific political parties from more then 70 years now.

N-League is the only party who always talked about civil supremacy. That’s the only reason that this term is now associated with them in Pakistan. Every time when there is a debate going on about democracy or civil supremacy, N-League is always there.

Well, talking about current scenario of country when there is economic instability and almost whole country is worried about the current condition of Pakistan, there is only one hope which is alive and that is civil supremacy. Bringing it easy to you, N-league is apparently looking to be the last option for the betterment of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif who just went to London for the medical treatment is the last hope of civil supremacy in country. We can say it in a way that if he’ll not return, then future of Pakistan can be brutal.
No doubt, Pakistan grew a lot in his tenure, he with his cabinet worked in every department of the country. People love him and he knows it very well. That’s the only reason that this party supports civil supremacy.

Current government seems to be very unstable regarding everything, they aren’t even clear about what they are saying and what they are going to do. It appears like that they have failed in every way.
Imran Khan used to say things like that he won’t let Nawaz Sharif go out of country at any cost. But now, he is out of country. People have started thinking about it very seriously because it’s the matter of their future.

There are a lot of people today who are commenting on the medical treatment of Nawaz Sharif abroad. Some think that he will not come back soon, on the other side, some are saying things like that he is the only hope of civil supremacy for Pakistan.

One thing is very clear, Pakistan needs him or civil supremacy both very urgently. Now, its upon Mian Muhammd Nawaz Shaif that what’s he is upto. If he won’t come back, then it can cause big disaster to this term “Civil Supremacy” or Pakistan as well.

Khurram Aniq

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