Signal Free Signals

Last night, on my way back to home. I observed a signal jammed at one
of the main roads of Lahore. Bluest part of the story is spotting an
ambulance stuck in that blockage. Ambulance was surrounded in a way
that it was impotent for the driver to got away from the traffic by any
Reason behind it was the signal free signal. It was around 12 in the
night when this episode happened. Signal was free, no vehicle was
stopping from any way. Everyone was in hurry, nobody seemed to be
anxious about the ambulance and the patient in the ambulance.
Good-looking part of the story is a young boy, merely an age of 17 18
maybe. He came out of his car and tried to control the traffic by his
own. Somehow, he helped ambulance to escape the traffic blockage
and did his role as a national of society.
This is not the story of any one signal in Lahore, I have been observing
this for a long time in Lahore at late night. Signals are free, people are
crossing them without any worries.
In daytime, they are the people who follow the signals because of the
fear of challan, but isn’t their any rules and regulations for the people
travelling at midnight? Aren’t they supposed to follow the traffic rules?
Its not about the point that there is not much traffic on roads at night,
its about the fact that rules must be equal for everyone and at any
time, doesn’t matter if its daytime or midnight, everyone must be
bound to follow the rules and the regulations of traffic.
Accidents happens because of such violence. State of unconsciousness
and no worries always leads us towards some serious damages.
I appreciate the concept of E-Challan, it helped our people to be
disciplined and made them follow the traffic rules. But seeing people
avoiding this rule in midnight raised some serious questions in my mind
about our system?
What will happen if we’ll lose on a traffic signal because of an accident
right in the middle of the road at 2 AM midnight? Who’s responsible for
this? I must say that our system would be responsible for this.
Rules and regulations are made to follow for everyone and at any time.
Living in Lahore, I observed this only in Lahore. I have no idea about the
other cities. But if this is the situation of Lahore, what would be the
situation of other cities who are below the belt in the matter of
System needs to be revived and must be equal for everyone at any

By : Khurram Aneeq

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