They Failed and We lost

Our adversary India tried to land on moon and failed with a very close brim. They were very near to it, they were only 2.1 Km short of accomplishing their goal, but they couldn’t make it. They failed.
Personally, I am shocked to see the rejoinder of Pakistani people on this. We as a nation are celebrating their failure, actually not failure, it was their effort. In this festivity, we forgot about the Kashmir dispute. I don’t remember any talk show or any social media trend for Kashmir, only thing I have been perceiving is that the Pakistani people are celebrating the failure of Chandrayaan-2 by India.
Where are we standing as a nation? Is it a normal thing for us to forget our Kashmir brothers and celebrate the failure of India? We need to think about it. Their complete budget on Chandrayaan-2 was around 10 billion and they made it under this amount. Hence, we are still incapable to complete Peshawer Metro with approximately 60-70 billion.
Their failure is their failure, not our success. We weren’t anywhere in this project. Then what’s the point to celebrate? Observing our Prime Minister and his cabinet tweeting about their failure arose a question in my mind that; Is Pakistan in safe hands? Are we expecting some change and stability from such people?
The point where our assembly should have come together and attack our adversary with unity, there they are busy bullying each other on social media.
We must accept the fact that our government isn’t doing anything, nor they will do anything for this country. It seems like that they are just passing their time or they are busy in their political revenge.
That’s basically the point where PM Imran Khan should have called an All Parties Conference to sit together and make a plan on Kashmir dispute. But he doesn’t look interested in this, it appeared like that they have made up their mind of Kashmir issue.
We as a nation needs to think about it that our country is not in good hands and we are standing no where in this world. We as a nation needs to stand on one point, not behind PM Khan, Zardari or Nawaz Sharif. We need to be Pakistani first.
By: Khurram Aniq

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