Women Empowerment: Be Bold For The Change!

Did you just say women empowerment? Why are these crazy women always talking about women empowerment! Why they love to be a figure of self-pity presenting themselves as a victim of gender discrimination and unequal rights?

I tell you WHY!!

It seems like we will have to work our lives to finally be able to acknowledge and celebrate the women of this very world we live in as with sheer dependence on the same women we declare to be not good enough to rule the world despite trusting them with our own homes, be them be women working in corporate world or be them be women running NGOs or be them be leading the youth or be them be in the most important role that is home builders or be them be women working in media industry, they set every single day goals of strength and resilience for the women of world as I have seen our women growing from the ashes, growing from the stones thrown at them and growing from the minimum of the resources one cannot even imagine of growing from.  YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I, STRONGLY CHERISH OUR WOMEN AND STRONGLY BELIEVE IN WOMEN DEVELOPMENT! As they said it right:

“A strong women stands up for herself. A stronger women stands up for everyone else.”

And I believe there is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women as I strongly believe it’s always “WOMEN FOR WOMEN”.

For you to digest this very simple yet so complicated to be accepted idea of women empowerment, the foremost requirement is to understand the concept that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all. Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely — and the right to be heard.

Now a days since we are in the era where competition is everywhere be it men or women, both are now powerful and educated, so we just cannot think or even dare to say that women are any how lesser than men because, they are not. Even in different companies or media industry we get to see women ruling and taking decision of a company, even news anchors or journalists are females and women are actually taking this as a serious career. There was a time when women were just asked to finish their studies and then get married but now due to education and social media awareness, women are actually coming out and supporting themselves. There was a time when we used to think that women can’t live alone. They will always need a man in their life. But now I can say women don’t need men to prove their identity.

For I am sure each and every single woman reading this is contributing tremendously to this society. Some of you might be working their day and night to give the best to your children as a single parent, some of you might be working for girls education for decades, some of you might be exhibiting another levels of leadership and some of you might be running their homes like a boss and some of you might be students who will be leading on this very neglected despite being so significant issue of women empowerment in the time to come and some of you might be working on day and night shifts in media industry and supporting your family.. I am so proud all of you! Give yourself a pat on the back!! (because no one deserves it as much as you do AND no one will give it to you unless you yourself give it to yourself).

As simple the concept is to empower, connect and equip women and enable them to transcend the barriers at workplace and promote leadership and other work skills, as twisted it is presented ignoring all the many socio-economic benefits the underlying idea would bring with it. Empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improve the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. The private sector is a key partner in efforts to advance gender equality and empower women. Current research demonstrating that gender diversity helps businesses perform better signals that self-interest and common interest can come together. Yet, ensuring the inclusion of women’s talents, skills and energies—from executive offices to the factory floor and the supply chain—requires intentional actions and deliberate policies. For there is no tool for development better than the empowerment of women as women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

And they said it right: “IF you want something said, ask a man. And if you want something done, ask a woman.” And just before I end this, all those men saying that women don’t work as hard as men, please respected men note, Of course, women don’t work as hard as men because they get it right the first time.

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